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Last updated: 6th November, 2012
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Smurf Collectors
Blue Imps - Blue Imps is a personal Smurf collection site from Wales, UK. You can see pictures of Rachel's  
collection, facts and information about Smurfs including markings, variations and fakes, links to many Smurfy
websites, Smurf bulletin boards and much more!  Sgt Papas owes a great debt to Rachel & the Blue Imps website.
Hidden In The Woods - Moey's Smurf collection that grows by the day......she's insane, and that's what we love
about her. Hidden In The Woods has become the sister site of Sgt. Papa's, if you can't find something on my site
then there's a good chance Moey will have it on her website.
Kicking The - A fascinating website dealing with Smurfs way beyond just PVC figures.
The DragonsCave - A collector with great knowledge & judgement when it comes to Smurfs figures
Buddy Blue - One of my favourite collectors in the world...Cheers Hil !!
JPP's Schtroumpf Site - Jean Philippe Paul's Smurf collection showing off a wonderful selection of the different
Smurf merchandise that has been available.
Rae's Little Blue Guys - A Smurf website from Australia showing Raelene's growing collection.
Ösi-Schluuumpf - Probably one of the funniest Smurf sites on the WWW. Very impressive collection as well as
some hilarious "Smurfy creations". Also plenty of serious information about fake Smurfs from George and Lilly.
Christy's Blue Village - A huge collection that continues to grow & grow each week - Featuring Xavier's large collection including promos, playsets and much more. Information about
"Schtroumpf Passion" Smurf fairs.
Bruno Beda - Check out Bruno's huge collection with many rare Smurfy items. Also many hard to find items to swap
and trade.
Smurf Weekly Magazine - A fantastic Smurf site from New Zealand with some of the best home made Smurf
creations in the world.
JT's Smurf Page - A website showing Janne's growing collection of Smurfs and other fantastic comic figurines.
Kitty's Cavern Online Smurf Resource - Karen's online resource for tons of info about the little blue guys.
Tiny Blue Tykes - A Smurf website from down under showing Linda's great collection and her excellent homemade
Smurfy creations.
Smurf Forums & Bulletin Boards
Blue Cavern - The Smurf Community - Blue Cavern is home of The Smurf Community. Many Smurf collectors from
all over the world chat and discuss Smurfs here making it one of the friendliest and most useful resources to be
Blue Buddies - The place for fun, friends and everything Smurfy! Bursting with Smurf collectibles, toys and figurines,
interactive Smurf checklists, Smurf cartoon episode guide, friendly message board, online Smurf games and so
much more! There's always something new to Smurf at BlueBuddies!
Online Smurf Shops
Mushroom Village - Complete Smurf collectors resource. Shop, ID guide, excellent bulletin boards and plenty of
information about collecting Smurfs.
Gascher's Schlumpf-Sammler-Service - Formerly known as Smörfer's. Very large German online Smurf shop,
authors of "Der Schlumpf Katalog ".
Toydreamer - A great online shop located in Australia featuring all types of Smurfy items from PVC Figures to
Houses, Playsets & Sockels. There are even other types of Figurines and products available besides Smurfs so
have a look at what Andrew has available".
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Collection Menu Page
The Blue Collection - Ron's Smurf website which looks very impressive in my opinion. Ron is based in the
Netherlands and I was fortunate to meet up with him in Utrecht a few years back, his collection has come a long
way since, worth checking his site out.
Smurfland - A new Smurf website based in the U.K. showing lots of variety from Regular & Super Smurfs to
Promos, Smurf Houses & Playsets.